Recipe: Indian Burrito Bowl


You can never question a Punjabi’s love for Rajma chawal. I can eat rajma rice all day, everyday.

And I am yet to taste a plate of badly made rajma rice. Also, I am never careful of what I wish for.

Anyhoo there are people in my life who do object eating rajma every day and my love for them keeps me on my toes and gets me to try new things so that they don’t get bored.

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6 seeds you need

If there’s a super quick way to up the nutritional value of a meal, it has to be with plant based healthy seeds.

These seeds are much like accessories that you add to an otherwise boring outfit, but much better as they not only take the beauty of the dish to another level- add colours and crunch but also increase the nutritional value of the meal. They are the new #MustHaves.

High on dietary fiber- think less time on the pot every morning!
Healthy fats- think shiny hair and good skin!

The benefits are never ending. And the best part? No cooking or extra effort required. Just sprinkle them and done. Can we please get done with the ‘cooking healthy food is time consuming’ excuse already?


Below are 6 types of seeds that have taken some pretty space in my kitchen:

  1. Flax Seeds

They are one of the best dietary sources of soluble fiber. Loaded with lignans and fiber, they improve the digestive health; lower blood pressure and help in blood sugar regulation. The standout nutrient- Omega-3 fatty acids present in flax seeds help reduce inflammation also.

How to eat
1. Sprinkled them on salads, sandwiches, etc.
2. Munch on them. (Preferably post lunch- help curb the post-lunch sweet cravings)

Things to keep in mind:
– Ensure that you chew them properly and have some water after consuming them.
– If you are a fast eater- grind your flax seeds, otherwise they pass through the digestive tract as it is without benefiting the body.

  1. Pumpkin Seeds

Did someone say Halloween? A great mood booster, pumpkin seeds help fight stress and the high levels of unsaturated fats keep your body functioning like a well-oiled machine.. They prevent kidney stone formation, improve insulin regulation and help prevent diabetic complications by decreasing oxidative stress.

They are loaded with Phosphorus, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Vitamin K, B Vitamins and Protein.

How to eat
1. Eat them on their own or sprinkle them on salads, smoothies, etc.
2. Use them for baking
3. Roast and lightly salt
4. Add to sautéed veggies and fruits
5. Grind with garlic, parsley or any other herb of your choice, olive oil, lemon juice


  1. Chia Seeds

Loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium and potassium, chia seeds not only offer amazing health benefits but also fill you up.

How to eat
1. Blend in smoothies, yogurts, etc.
2. Due to their property to expand in liquids, can also be used to make puddings.

  1. Sweet Basil Seeds

Often confused with chia seeds and also called the Indian version of Chia seeds, because of their property to expand in water, Sweet Basil or Sabja seeds have high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and help boost the fat burning metabolism. Also, full of fiber, they reduce body heat, relieve constipation and bloating and treat acidity and heartburn.

How to eat
1. Great as a garnish for drinks and desserts
2. Add them to lemonade or regular water

  1. Sunflower seeds

Loaded with good fats and antioxidant-rich vitamin E, sunflower seeds promote heart health and avert inflammation. The high levels of vitamin E can improve recovery after exercise by reducing training-induced oxidative stress in the body. They are also rich in folate, a nutrient that’s vital for women. They are super-rich in fiber and keep you satiated for longer. They also add a lot of crunch to the dish.

How to eat
1. Sprinkle on your oatmeal
2. Eat them on their own as a mid meal
3. Add to curd, salads, etc.


  1. Sesame seeds

Spotted them on burger and buns?

Sesame seeds deserve more than a random sprinkling. They are a good dairy-free source of calcium, which is essential for building stronger bones and ensuring healthy muscles function. They also contain copper, which is needed for numerous enzymatic reactions in the body. Black sesame seeds offer greater antioxidant power than the regular off-white kind. They also reduce the risk of migraines and PMS.

How to eat
1. Grandma’s good old til k laddu!
2. Can also be used for various stir fry dishes
3. Hummus

Things to keep in mind

  1. Chew the seeds properly. They are super small in size and hence have the tendency to pass to the digestive tract without benefiting the body.
  2. Toast the seeds only if the dish requires as they lose their anti-oxidizing properties.

There are infinite ways to get creative with the seeds.

Do write below how you get creative with the seeds in the comments section below.

Note: If you have an existing health problem, please consult a doctor before adding these to your diet.

Why you should have mithai today

Dieting is darkness and Diwali has lights written all over it!Diwali sweets gulab jamun

It’s high time we stop obsessing over Diwali detox without understanding what goes into making the delicious laddoos and mithai. It’s time to teach your kid how to roll a laddoo and make it the new cool thing (again), instead of teaching him how to play games on a cellphone.

This festive season, what’s the plan? To pretend that you have an upset stomach or skip that party or to tell your friends that you have an upset stomach? WHO ARE YOU FOOLING?

If you keep looking at that piece of gulab jamun, thinking of ways to skip it, you and your body get disturbed. A disturbed and stressed body converts maximum food to fat. Now would you want that?

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Summer Delight: Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

High Protein options for vegans

I have lost count of the number of people who have milk, tea or coffee in the morning and call it breakfast! And why? Because they don’t get time to make and eat breakfast.

How about switching off you phone for 10 mins.? Or waking up 10 mins early then you usually do?

Or maybe let’s just save time by not thinking of excuses for skipping breakfast and JUST HAVE IT!

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Last week I went to a friend’s place for lunch. Just after lunch, we were all sitting on the terrace chit-chatting when one of my friends mentioned a song that he recently recorded. We immediately decided to get the dock system and listen to it. BUT everyone, no kidding, everyone refused to get up to get the speakers. I asked them WHY and the answer was- ‘Jyada kha lia yaar, ab nai utha jaraha’.

In our day to day lives, watching TV, reading a book, continuously talking while eating are some of the reasons that lead to overeating.

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