Why you should have mithai today

Dieting is darkness and Diwali has lights written all over it!Diwali sweets gulab jamun

It’s high time we stop obsessing over Diwali detox without understanding what goes into making the delicious laddoos and mithai. It’s time to teach your kid how to roll a laddoo and make it the new cool thing (again), instead of teaching him how to play games on a cellphone.

This festive season, what’s the plan? To pretend that you have an upset stomach or skip that party or to tell your friends that you have an upset stomach? WHO ARE YOU FOOLING?

If you keep looking at that piece of gulab jamun, thinking of ways to skip it, you and your body get disturbed. A disturbed and stressed body converts maximum food to fat. Now would you want that?

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Summer Delight: Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

High Protein options for vegans

I have lost count of the number of people who have milk, tea or coffee in the morning and call it breakfast! And why? Because they don’t get time to make and eat breakfast.

How about switching off you phone for 10 mins.? Or waking up 10 mins early then you usually do?

Or maybe let’s just save time by not thinking of excuses for skipping breakfast and JUST HAVE IT!

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Last week I went to a friend’s place for lunch. Just after lunch, we were all sitting on the terrace chit-chatting when one of my friends mentioned a song that he recently recorded. We immediately decided to get the dock system and listen to it. BUT everyone, no kidding, everyone refused to get up to get the speakers. I asked them WHY and the answer was- ‘Jyada kha lia yaar, ab nai utha jaraha’.

In our day to day lives, watching TV, reading a book, continuously talking while eating are some of the reasons that lead to overeating.

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