Losing weight with cupcakes

Sugar blossoms cupcakes

Indulgence is a way of life. If I were a dessert, I’d be a 100% dark chocolate cupcake with some hazelnuts and a scoop of Belgian ice cream on the side.

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Last week I went to a friend’s place for lunch. Just after lunch, we were all sitting on the terrace chit-chatting when one of my friends mentioned a song that he recently recorded. We immediately decided to get the dock system and listen to it. BUT everyone, no kidding, everyone refused to get up to get the speakers. I asked them WHY and the answer was- ‘Jyada kha lia yaar, ab nai utha jaraha’.

In our day to day lives, watching TV, reading a book, continuously talking while eating are some of the reasons that lead to overeating.

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