Go Green!


How about becoming a vegetarian? (like the beef ban was not enough) Or planting a new tree every day? I’m sure the latter sounds good to you. Do it! Not that the former’s difficult but for now all I want you to do is get over your Popeye addiction.

Before you go all “WHAT DO YOU EVEN MEAN?” I just want you to ditch those spinach cans for betel leaves. Sounds like a deal?

Okay don’t scratch your head already!

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Health supplements you should be taking

What’s the most common sight in office post lunch? People running towards the coffee machine or asking each other for something sweet to eat.

Reason- Nutrient deprivation. When your body is deprived of nutrients, you start getting calls from the coffee machine (read: feel sluggish). Tiredness, insomnia, PMS, mood swings, lethargy, saddlebags & constant battles to lose weight are directly related to nutrient deficiency.

Do you know that our daily requirement of nutrients & minerals is not fulfilled by fruits & vegetables? There are various reasons for the same- processing, foreign grown produce, current farming methods to state a few. And hence, it is important to incorporate some health supplements in your diet.

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