10% Off on Protein bars

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I recently reviewed the new range of high protein herbal bars by Naturell India. And with this, I have a surprise for all of you.

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3 Rite Ways to Lose Weight

Protein Bars review India

Small frequent meals- They keep you energetic and your metabolism humming! If you’ve been following Butterandbutts, I am sure you know how I’ve always focused on the importance of eating something every few hours. The idea is to feed your stomach a little, give it time to digest and then feed some more, instead of overloading it with food and forcing it to work hard. And its hard work surely pays off- Look at those love handles! However, having small frequent meals doesn’t mean that you eat whatever you can get your hands on. The idea is to keep yourself well stocked so that you can eat healthy whenever, wherever you want!

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Add Rite Bites to your monthly Rashaan


The best way to lose weight is eat every two hours instead of having 3 heavy meals, and rev up your protein intake. I can’t stress this enough.

I had recently reviewed Rite Bite Bars from Naturell India. They have some amazing mid meal munchies with pretty high protein content.

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