Recipe: Indian Burrito Bowl


You can never question a Punjabi’s love for Rajma chawal. I can eat rajma rice all day, everyday.

And I am yet to taste a plate of badly made rajma rice. Also, I am never careful of what I wish for.

Anyhoo there are people in my life who do object eating rajma every day and my love for them keeps me on my toes and gets me to try new things so that they don’t get bored.

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Skin Superfood: Shea Butter

Remember how your grandmother told you about the benefits of oil massage and ‘forced’ you to use ghee, malai/milk cream, etc.on your skin? You never paid attention, did you? I was pretty ignorant and then I regretted it. And the regret made me try different concoctions. Sharing my experience with one such natural ingredient- Shea Butter and how it has been doing wonders for me.

I’ve had a one-sided long term affair with acne and that made me try literally everything under the sun, only to settle for natural creams and lotions, mostly homemade. I’ve been whipping different butters and oils for a while now and hence decided to share my love for one of my favorite natural butters- Shea Butter. Also, when you whip ingredients at home, you at least know how you are treating your body. J

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Chili Chocolate Bars

High Protein Chocolate Bars

“The only balanced diet you can ever have is when you have desserts in both hands.”

For the love of desserts and healthy food, let’s put a healthy and tasty twist to a classic dessert.

High Protein Chocolate Bars

Watching Vikas Khanna’s Persimmon Chili Cobbler recipe, I decided to make a healthy dessert. And no desert is ever complete without chocolate. I REPEAT, NO DESERT IS EVER COMPLETE WITHOUT CHOCOLATE.

For my #Foodventure I decided to throw in some dark chocolate, oats, my favourite- peanut butter and some chilies (YES I SAID CHILIES); and make chili chocolate bars.  Chilies and chocolate bring out each other’s richness.

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5 things you must remember for an amazing workout session!

Workout must haves

It’s hard to come across people who don’t work out! Among the younger generation, I can positively sense a growing concern towards staying healthy and fit. A workout session at the start of the day or at the end has become mandatory. The rigors of long hours at the office, a sedentary lifestyle, wrong diet plans and unhealthy choices are wreaking havoc with your health.

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#Foodventures- Sweet and Spicy Aam Panna

Foodventures sweet & spicy

We all love mangoes, don’t we?

And now that the season of mangoes is almost here, I can’t stop dreaming about the delicious aam panna, mango chutney and mango shake. Mango as a fruit in itself is very wholesome. It lowers blood pressure, cleanses skin (IT DOES NOT CAUSE ACNE), alkalizes the whole body and has a lot of other health benefits. Need more reasons to love them?

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Love Your Curls

How to keep your curly hair moisturized

Have you ever wondered how your curls are different than those of people who wear their natural curls with utter confidence? How their curls are so well formed and on the other hand you have never had the courage in your life to leave your hair open without a hair tie or bun. Are their curls different than yours and they are born with that well formed curls shape and wear t-shirt with tag lines like “I woke up like this” :).

Best Shampoo for curly hair in India

The answer is a big “No”. The only difference is the way they use products to style their curls and do not treat them like straight hair. Curly hair is completely different from straight hair and hence the curly hair care routine should be different too.

How to keep curly hair moisturized

Have you noticed that your curls look better right after shower when it is wet and after it get dry and you comb it then it converts into a big mess. This is the thing where you need to stop. By combing your hair you separate your curls and make it frizzy, unmanageable and poofy. Then you have to tie them up.  So, first of all stop combing your hair when it is dry and read on to know the complete routine that will make you fall in love with your hair.


Wash your hair by massaging your scalp and let the shampoo rinse through rest of your hair. Most shampoos in market contains sulfates which are very harsh on your hair and leave it dry. So, its a good idea to switch to sulfate free mild shampoo to wash your hair.


Apply conditioner and keep it on for 2-3 minutes. As I told you earlier that you should not comb curly hair when it is dry. So, this is the part where you detangle your hair and take out any knots or loose strands from your hair. While your conditioner is on, detangle your hair using your fingers or a wide tooth comb.  Once you are done then do not run fingers or comb through your hair after this. Rinse your conditioner off by massaging your scalp and keeping your head upside down. It will help you to make your hair lift from roots and give volume on top.

Leave-in Conditioner

Once you are done washing your hair, do not use a towel to wrap your hair, this is what you normally would be doing. Squeeze out excess water from hair using your palms and start your styling routine in wet hair. If your hair is very dry, apply a leave-in conditioner in smoothing motion without running fingers through your hair as it will separate your curls.

How to keep your curly hair moisturized

Styling Product

Curly hair takes its natural shape when it is wet so to keep its natural shape we should use a styling product like gel, mousse etc that provides hold and keeps its shape through out the day once hair is dry.  Section your hair into 4-5 sections and apply the styling product in smoothing motion on each section as shown in the clip above.  Always apply products by keeping your head upside down to get the voluminous curls. If you are not comfortable with that then apply products by moving your hair away from roots so that it does not stick to the roots and lifts up. Now scrunch your hair 2-3 times.  You can also use an old cotton t-shirt to scrunch your hair to remove excess water. Do not towel dry your hair as it can make your hair frizzy and disturbs the curls pattern.

Now you are done!! Leave your hair to air dry and do not touch it at all.

Once your hair is completely dry, then you will feel the crunchiness of the styling product. Do not worry about it just flip your head down and give it a final scrunch. It will remove all the crunchiness from hair and give you bouncy curls.

This is how hair looks when you follow this routine of apply products in hair.

Hair Care Tips for natural curls

How to choose products for curly hair

Other than following the above routine, you should take care of what products you use on hair. Stay away from products that contains sulfates and silicones. Sulfates are cleansing agents present in shampoos that are a bit harsh and drying for curly hair. Most marketed products contain sulfate as the main cleansing agent but now the trend is changing and more sulfate free products are coming in market. You must have already heard about sulfate free shampoos but staying away from silicones might be be new to you. Silicones are film forming agents that can be present in shampoo, conditioner or styling products like serums (Serum are made of only silicones, so are worst for curly hair). Silicones coat your hair and form a film which can not be removed using water only and sometimes can not be washed off using a mild sulfate free shampoo. Because of this they build up on hair and do not let the moisture penetrate into your hair and eventually makes hair dry over time. Depending on the type of silicone, it can take around 2-3 washes to get rid of them. Also because of the build up, your hair does not curl up very well and looks weighed down and lifeless. To remove silicone build up from hair, you have to use a shampoo that contains sulfate which you already know are drying for curly hair. So, the best way to start your curl journey is to switch to products that are sulfate free and silicone free.

To identify these kind of ingredients in your products, it becomes very important that you read your product ingredients and label before buying. Silicone names generally ends with  -one, -conol, or -xane like Dimethicone, Amodimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane etc. In shampoos, you can easily identify sulfates by their names like sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate etc.

So, it all comes down to how you use products on hair and what kind of products you use. It will definitely  help you to get the beautiful looking curls and waves.

I hope this routine will help you to maintain your curly and wavy hair better. For more information on curly and wavy hair care you can visit my website Right Ringlets.

Keep curling!!!!

Why you feel bloated after meals

why you feel bloated

Drink eight 8 glasses of water a day!!!  Ummm… but why?

Everybody’s body is different and hence the requirement is different. There’s no fixed amount that you should drink.

why you feel bloated

Right time to have water

Do you sweat a lot? If yes, up your water intake, NOW!

Do you sit in air-conditioned place throughout the day? You won’t get clear thirst signals, but open that bottle of water, NOW!

The amount of water that your body requires depends on a lot of things- do you spend a lot of time in the sun? Do you feel dizzy during or after exercising? Do you suffer from frequent headaches? This and the weather- The body obviously needs much more water in summers than in winters.

And what happens when you don’t drink enough water? Your kidneys and heart misbehave! But then it’s obviously your fault.

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Hot N Cold: Sensitive Teeth

Tooth Sensitivity relief

Disclaimer: “This article has been brought to you with the support of GSK Consumer Healthcare. However, the views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the view of GSK Consumer Healthcare”

First date at your favourite coffee shop? We’re sure a cup of coffee is enough to send shivers through your body! Oh don’t get us all wrong here. We are talking about the shivers you get when the hot coffee touches your nerve endings and sends shivers up your spine from tooth sensitivity.

Tooth Sensitivity relief

Coffee? Yes please!

We’re sorry for breaking it to you but sucking on a ball of crushed ice dipped in flavoured syrups might seem like the perfect idea for summers but hey, since you’ve eroded all your tooth enamel (Hello tooth sensitivity), you can’t brave a kala khatta anymore!

Well, tooth sensitivity is a condition that can be treated and even cured, if you take the right measures.

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