Ready to be allured?

What’s life without a few indulgences every now and then?

When I talk about indulgence, I mean some real guilt-free indulgences that satisfy you, while at the same time leave you craving for more indulgence and taking you to a lovelier world of exclusivity. Though I am not a fan of Indian sweets, I am a sucker for desserts like cakes, pastries, tarts and much more. What if I tell you could indulge into all of this without gaining any weight?

Below are the top 5 patisseries in Delhi I can vouch for and promise that these indulgences will drive you crazy, just like the limited edition Maruti Suzuki DzireAllure.

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How to revive dull skin

Waking up to dull skin is every girl’s nightmare. And let’s face it, the problem occurs frequently. It’s time to keep things Clean & clear. Hello freshness!

I have been travelling 2-3 times a month for the last few months. All this travelling and running around in the sun has taken a toll on my skin. I’ve always had sensitive, oily and acne prone skin but the change in weather, sun, etc took the problem to another level, making my skin dull and lifeless.

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How to do squats at home

I will start exercising from Monday!
New Year Resolution: Start exercising!
Friend’s wedding: Start exercising!

To begin with, why do you need a reason to start exercising? NO I am not going to serve you with the Fitness should be a journey gyan but who are you trying to fool with the constant gym memberships that you keep spending on and the number of clothes, one size smaller, that you keep buying, hoping that someday you’ll fit into them?

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Scholl Express Pedi Review

Scholl Express Pedi Review by Deepika Khosla

What are weekends made of?

Friends, coffee, wine, good food, blogging, house chores and some pampering!

Every weekend I make it a point to indulge in some sort of self-pampering. Sometimes it’s a salt bath and sometimes it’s a de-tan face pack. Last week I got Scholl Express Pedi in my mail box and I tried the product on the weekend.

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Food Review: Cafe Why Not

Deepika Khosla Healthy Food Review

How often do you find places that have an in-house bakery with a variety of healthy breads? That and pizzas with healthy crusts?

Café Why Not?
Address: Café Why Not? Shop 285-286, South Campus, Satyaniketan, New Delhi
Phone no. 01149054040, 9811447335
Twitter: @cafewhynotindia
Instagram: CafeWhyNotIndia

When I got an invitation to visit Café Why Not, I with my creative man went to see the place on one fine Saturday evening. We received a warm welcome with a blueberry drink.

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3 Rite Ways to Lose Weight

Protein Bars review India

Small frequent meals- They keep you energetic and your metabolism humming! If you’ve been following Butterandbutts, I am sure you know how I’ve always focused on the importance of eating something every few hours. The idea is to feed your stomach a little, give it time to digest and then feed some more, instead of overloading it with food and forcing it to work hard. And its hard work surely pays off- Look at those love handles! However, having small frequent meals doesn’t mean that you eat whatever you can get your hands on. The idea is to keep yourself well stocked so that you can eat healthy whenever, wherever you want!

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Food Review: Yoga Café


A very Happy New Year to the readers of ButterandButts 🙂

Almost everyone’s New Year resolution includes ‘eating healthy’, am I right or am I right? I am going to make things easier for you. I have recently started exploring healthy food restaurants in Delhi and had reviewed Lean Chef in December. Did you visit the place yet?

Just when I was looking for healthy food joints, Yoga Café surprised me with some delicious food. They have a different menu for everyday of the week and asked me to pick whatever I like.

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