Yogasm: Healing Power of Yoga

International Yoga Day Blog

Today is the first ever International Yoga Day. Need a better occasion to start practicing yoga?

It is possible to slow down when we’re struggling to sit still.
It is possible to maintain your calm when your desk is loaded with work and your boss just can’t stop giving you more deadlines
It is possible to get away from whatever happened in office once you reach home.

This and much more. How?

International Yoga Day



By training yourself to control your mind. How?

By practicing yoga asanas.

There are a lot of myths about yoga. The most common one being that practicing yoga doesn’t make you lose weight. Or maybe Suryanamaskar does help. Ummm… no!

International Yoga Day Blog



Yoga does help you to shed those extra pounds but there’s much more to it. Apart from giving you a toned body, it also gives you the ability to exercise control on your body in ways you can only dream of. The benefits of Yoga are endless.

  1. Gives you a toned body
  2. Helps you exercise control over yourself
  3. Unlike other forms of exercises, yoga doesn’t need equipment or a proper setup. All you need is a yoga mat and you are good to go!
  4. Yoga helps manage stress
  5. Helps health skin from within by putting more oxygen in the system

International Yoga Day

“The trick to master yoga postures is by practicing control over your breath” says Rashi Kalra who is a YAI registered yoga instructor. She doesn’t think twice before rolling her Yoga mat and heading for a session, be it on the terrace or on the mountains.

International Yoga Day thumb_IMG_7291_1024-as-Smart-Object-1

The number of yoga asanas that you can learn is endless. Go download that “How to perform Suryanamaskar” video that you’ve been planning to download since forever!

This blog has been written with inputs from Rashi Kalra. Rashi is an outdoorsy by heart, traveler by soul and designer by profession. She blogs at

You can get in touch with her on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

Photography Credits: Kavita Gupta


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