Go Green!


How about becoming a vegetarian? (like the beef ban was not enough) Or planting a new tree every day? I’m sure the latter sounds good to you. Do it! Not that the former’s difficult but for now all I want you to do is get over your Popeye addiction.

Before you go all “WHAT DO YOU EVEN MEAN?” I just want you to ditch those spinach cans for betel leaves. Sounds like a deal?

Okay don’t scratch your head already!


Go Green!

We are dealing with iron and haemoglobin issues here. Iron is involved in every function that your body performs. And hence everybody keeps stressing on how we should include a lot of green leafy vegetables in our diet. But spinach is a green leafy vegetable and is loaded with iron, so why betel leaves?

Because Betel leaves have 10 times more iron than spinach


Go Green!

Your grandma doesn’t munch on paan post meals because she’s addicted, she’s just au courant. She knows that iron cannot be absorbed without its co-factors. Betel leaves are abundant not just in iron but also in everything that the body needs to absorb iron.

So ladies, please make up for the good blood that you lose during your periods. Go pick up a betel leaf, some gulkand or honey, add some cloves, dry fruits; roll!

And hey! There’s another way to up your iron intake- BY NOT TAKING IRON SUPPLEMENTS (Until & unless your doctor prescribes). It is okay to consume multivitamin and calcium supplements but you have to be very cautious with iron supplements. Why? Because iron overload can lead to a lot of health issues.


This is what Wikipedia never told you about green leafy vegetables.

Time to go green with betels!


On me:

Crop top: Global Desi

Trousers: Forever 21

Lip colour: L’Oreal Paris Pure Garnet

In my tummy:

Betel leaves


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