Losing weight with cupcakes

Sugar blossoms cupcakes

Indulgence is a way of life. If I were a dessert, I’d be a 100% dark chocolate cupcake with some hazelnuts and a scoop of Belgian ice cream on the side.

Sugar blossoms cupcakes You must be wondering why I am talking about cupcakes and ice cream. So basically I am writing this blog to burst a myth that has been looming over us forever now. For all those who tell me that they will spam my blog when they see me eating chocolates, aloo parathas with butter and everything that I love, and for all those who have been curbing their cravings in order to lose weight, please open your eyes WIDE.

Cupcake quotes Here’s what happens when you curb your cravings- You OVEREAT! One minute, you are having a great day and the next minute you are grasped by some object of lust- let’s say a cupcake. And all this happens when you are dieting (which for most of the people means no sugar and no fried food). Now in order to control your cravings, you look for diet food. You find something and start munching on it. And you keep doing it until you are…. wait… you won’t be satisfied! And CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE OVEREATEN! Why have you overeaten? You were trying to satiate a craving with a healthy option, but this imitation won’t satisfy your brain’s memory center. Sometimes you may even end up taking in more calories than if you’d just had a reasonable portion of what you wanted in the first place. SEE MY POINT HERE?

  1. In order to lose weight, you don’t need to put a ban on eating what you like. You need to CONTROL THE PORTION SIZE. Instead of having 2 cupcakes, SHARE 1!
  2. Eat your dessert/favorite meal as a mini meal instead of having it post lunch or dinner.

Cupcakes Dark chocolate Cramelised   Cupcake Deepika Recipe for cupcakes Having said that, there’s a thin line between eating smart and dieting. Don’t make it a habit to have cupcakes, chocolates, etc. every day. Look for options like omega 3 seeds. They send the same satiating signals to the brain as sugar. Life is too short to not indulge in what you like. But as they say, moderation is the key. Everything’s fine as long as you know where to stop. Cakes The pictures were clicked at Sugar Blossoms Cake Studio, Lodhi Road; after scanning some million pretty cupcake places. They have some lip smacking cupcakes and the aroma of this place is the ultimate foodgasm.


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