Food Review: Yoga Café


A very Happy New Year to the readers of ButterandButts 🙂

Almost everyone’s New Year resolution includes ‘eating healthy’, am I right or am I right? I am going to make things easier for you. I have recently started exploring healthy food restaurants in Delhi and had reviewed Lean Chef in December. Did you visit the place yet?

Just when I was looking for healthy food joints, Yoga Café surprised me with some delicious food. They have a different menu for everyday of the week and asked me to pick whatever I like.


Meal In A Box



Shawarma, Salad, Fig cookies

The Shawarma rolls were made using triple grain and one ground flour maida stuffed with grilled red & yellow peppers with pickled radish, cucumber, jalapeños and beetroot with tangy hummus


Shawarma Rolls

Salad- Spinach, bathua, orange, pomegranate, asparagus sprinkled with sesame seeds and lemon juice

Fruits and Vegaetables


They also have a range of gluten free / dairy free products- cakes, cookies, breads, khakras, nachos, museli, pizza base, buns, kulchas, etc. without any preservatives.

I got Fig Cookies.


Fig Cookies

Since they claim that their products do not contain any preservatives, I stored a cookie for 4 days and it became very soft.

The food was delicious and fresh but I was a little disappointed with the low protein content of the meal. They could add sprouts, tofu, paneer, etc to the salad or shawarma rolls. Though humus has protein but it was used to bind all the ingredients in shawarma together and hence a very little amount was used.

However, this is a good option for those who order lunch from KFC, Mc Donalds, etc; or are looking for some good dabba (tiffin) options.

What I liked:

  • Fresh
  • Will keep you full for 2-3 hours
  • Variety on the plate
  • New meal options for everyday of the week. Won’t let you get bored
  • Neat packaging

What I did not like:

  • Low protein content

You can learn more about Yoga cafe:

To order, write a mail to 🙂


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