Creamy, Inside Out!

Yaar moisturizer hai?

Oye! Lip balm dio!

Dryness is one of the most common winter problems and people can’t stop hoarding moisturizers to get rid of it. There is no denying the fact that you need moisturizers to keep your skin soft and supple but nothing, I repeat, NOTHING will help if your body is not hydrated.

Now you’ll be like Sardiyon mai waise hi suraj nai nikalta, dehydration kha se hoga?!

This is how you lose water in winters:

  1. Increased respiratory fluid loss (nose and mouth). You lose water when you go all- Dekh muh se dhuan nikal raha hai!
  2. Sweat evaporates quickly in winters. Before you realize that you are sweating, it evaporates!
  3. Increased urine production

While I was working on this post, I asked people on Twitter- How many glasses of water do you guys drink in winters?


‘I don’t feel thirsty’ is the most common answer that I usually get.

Not drinking enough water leads to a lot of problems. Your heart is forced to work hard leading to a drop in energy levels. 6-8 glasses of water is what we’ve always heard but this is a very general ballpark. The fluid needs are different for different people. However, in winters we tend to overlook the need to drink water because our thirst response reacts differently.

The best way to incorporate fluids in your winter diet is by consuming soups. They are delicious, have hydrating properties, nourish you and keep you warm. Not only that, they also keep you feeling full for longer.


Tomato Soup

You can also include

  1. Celery, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Peppers, Strawberry, Apple, Broccoli in your diet as the water content of these food items is very high.
  2. And how about some hot chocolate loaded with proteins ?

  3. Ginger Tea

The options are endless. You can check out for some mouth watering healthy recipes:

Having said all this, the importance of water remains nonnegotiable. Keep a warm water jug if you can’t drink cold/room temperature water. You can also try flavoured water. (I have done a post on this).

And once, you are done nourishing your body, moisturize a little (Little because that’s the amount you’ll need once your body is well nourished).

Deepika Khosla

Here’s what I use for my oily acne prone skin and dry hair:



Spend wisely & don’t forget to hydrate.

Happy Hydration!

Also, I am signing off 2014 with this post.




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