Food diary for weight loss


From preparing multiple to-do lists at work to lists for weekend chores, I can’t live a day without jotting down things that I need to do. I feel sorted when I do this. And with this, I developed a new habit of writing what I eat. A food journal helps you stay on track with your weight loss plans and is one of the best ways to lose weight the ‘write’ way.


Food diary from Gifts of Love

Why do I need a food diary?

  • Mini miss– We tend to remember what we had for breakfast, lunch and dinner but miss the multiple mini snacks that we eat throughout the day.
  • What’s on your plate? Keeping a track of what you are eating will help you get your plate right as you can easily figure the amount of protein, carbohydrates and good fat that you are consuming.
  • Picking up patterns– Jotting down your eating habits, water intake, sleep quality, energy levels will help you work out your triggers as well as areas you need to improve on, thus helping you plan a good diet.
  • _MG_82dfg78Food diary to lose weight- Rujuta Diwekar

Food diary template by Rujuta Diwekar

How to keep a food diary?

  • Write everything you eat and drink
  • Note the time of every meal
  • Note your mood, energy levels, sleep hours and quality
  • If you are keeping a notebook, make sure that you carry it in your handbag
  • Analyze your food diary every 10 days to identify your weak points and work on them

If you do not enjoy writing, you can keep a track of what’s going in your tummy with online food journals and smartphone apps:


Be loyal to your diary. Don’t miss the ice-cream tub you grabbed from the fridge last night.




One thought on “Food diary for weight loss

  1. […] Get a dairy- On your way to or back from work, note down the things that you want to eat (for the next day). Organize this list by putting the high carbohydrates and high calorie food for breakfast, pre-lunch or lunch, and the rest for evening meals and dinner. This is your diet plan. And the diary knows it all, don’t cheat. […]


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