Losing weight: 6 things you are doing wrong

Did everything to lose weight only to fail incessantly?

From making ex-boyfriend jealous to fitting in those cute dresses to simply being healthy- everyone has some or the other reason to lose weight. That and they are ready to starve themselves to any extent, only to welcome innumerous health problems.



Here’s a list of some mindsets that will never let you lose weight:

  • Starving is good- Diet is not starving yourself. It is eating right and eating all you want. Eating all doesn’t mean that you have jalebis at 12 in the night. Have them during the day, as a mini-meal.
  • Juices are healthy– Whatever happened to your teeth and gums. I guess they were meant for chewing. Stop sucking, literally!
  • You have a diet plan? Share!! – Everyone is different and so is everyone’s diet. Stop following someone else’s plan.
  • Let’s Detox– Before planning to detox your body, detox your mind.
  • This is my last meal ever- Just because you skipped your lunch doesn’t mean that you have a heavy dinner. Your stomach cannot take so much at a time. Can you finish a week’s task in a day?
  • Aerated drinks and coffee are so cool– Surviving on aerated drinks and coffee to curb the hunger? How would you feel if you were forced to replace something you love with something you would enjoy only occasionally? Respond to your stomach. FEED!

Hungry souls, get rid of those unsuccessful diets!




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