Ghee for weight loss

So what’s with people who’d eat all those processed foods and chips and cakes but would say no to food items cooked in ghee or butter? Do you know that ghee helps you lose weight? This post might sound a little preachy to you. Also, I’m going to vomit some chemistry here. Vegetable oils oxidize under high heat and the bi-products of oxidation aren’t healthy (peroxides and other free radicals). Due to a low smoke point of 250 degree Fahrenheit, they burn easily. Ghee on the other hand has a very high smoke point (325-375 degree Fahrenheit) and so it doesn’t burn easily. Ghee is a saturated fat.  Your health conscious friends have convinced you that saturated fats are bad. Biscuits, cakes, etc. are also prepared in saturated fats. But the unique structure of ghee sets it apart from all other saturated fats. It has a short chain structure where the atoms are linked with saturated bonds. This unique structure helps it to easily mobilize fat deposits from your love handles. Ghee is lipolytic in nature, i.e. it helps break down fatty deposits from the body. It is also very good for your brain. Understand why Punjabis eat tonnes of ghee and still remain healthy? Cook in it and add it as a topping. However you like it. Start with one teaspoon every day. And oh go slap that “oh-so-health-conscious” babe who cajoled you into believing that all saturated fats are bad for you.

Following are some amazing recipes cooked in Desi Ghee:

Broccoli mushroom omelette

Caramelized fennel and onions:




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