How to: fix the bulging tummy

I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m not discussing weighty issues. I’m talking about ways to get a flat tummy by de-puffing/beating the bloat.
Unfortunately, women are more prone to bloating as compared to men. Exact reasons are unknown but hypothyroidism accounts for a lot of cases. Also, the condition can easily be mistaken as weight gain. Bloating is not too hard to fix. It happens due to excess water in the body. This surely doesn’t mean that you stop drinking water.

But making small changes in the diet and lifestyle can easily solve the problem. Following are some tips that’ll save you from the horror:

1) Eat a fruit as soon as you wake up. I know a lot of people who start and end their day with black tea/green tea/coffee. This is one of the main causes of bloating. Eating a fruit within 30 minutes of waking up will prevent bloating like nothing else. Personal experience. However, you might have to try different fruits to understand the one that works best for you. Oranges and grapes are known to cause gas and bloating in some people. Bananas and Papayas work for me!

2) Increase your water intake: Dehydration forces body to hold on to all the water you’re your body has. After all, it’s gotta maintain that salt to water ratio.

3) Give up on: carbonated drinks, chewing gum and foods that contain excessive salt

4) Replace milk with chach (buttermilk) and curd.

5) Don’t eat a meal like it’s your last. Eat slowly and Chew more or you’ll end up gulping a lot of air.

6) Chew on some ajwain after a heavy meal

7) Lastly, compliment all of the above with a healthy diet and workouts

Feel free to post your queries in the comments section!



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