Weighty issues

A question like- “Since I’m planning to put on a few kilos, are all fatty foods good for me?” is very common from a person who is tired of being called a skeleton.

Just because you want to gain weight, it doesn’t mean that you can gorge on anything that’s fatty. A plate of deep fried puris or samosas won’t do any good to you. Your workout snack should be low fat and have a carbohydrate to protein ratio of 2:1. (Vice-versa for people who are planning to shed some kilos). The carbohydrate proportion is higher because your muscles’ glycogen stores are depleted and to repair them, you supply them with fast dissolving carbohydrates. If you have a high fat meal, the digestion process slows down and the nutrients that your muscles need are not absorbed by your body, which in turn inhibits muscle growth.


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