Curb the Curse

Hypothyroidism is one of the main causes of weight gain, especially in women. And it comes with innumerable other problems like diabetes, sleeplessness, painful periods, constant fatigue, low bone density, low levels of Vitamin D ( the major reason behind weight gain), PCOD,  high blood pressure, etc.
Soon after I came to Delhi, some 5 years back, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and depression accompanied. After infinite cribbing, I decided to deal with it. I believe in the fact that no matter how big the problem is, in the end, the way you deal with it is all that matters.  And I’ve never looked back.

I hate medicines and try to avoid them at all costs. Therefore, in order to deal with hypothyroidism, I decided to study the functioning of the thyroid, the main causes of the problem and then I charted out a plan to curb the curse. Here, I’ll talk about plan which I divided into 3 parts:

1) Eating right
a) Increase the intake of Iodine. Include bananas, carrots, strawberries, milk, curd and whole grains in your diet. Eating a banana or any other fruit that you like, on an empty stomach works wonders. Some fruits cause acidity, so if you have gastric problems, choose wisely.
b) Increase the intake of Proteins. Cheese, paneer, tofu, whey protein, milk, curd, dals with whole grains and egg, soy, peanuts, etc. If you are a non-vegetarian, fresh sea food and chicken are a good bet.
c) Start taking Vitamin B, C and E supplements (Consult your doctor)
d) Do not have more than one cup of tea/coffee in a day. Try and replace these with Green tea, works wonders. If you don’t like the taste of green tea, you can add some honey and lemon to it. Also, you can cool it before drinking.

2) Exercise
Hypothyroidism takes a toll on body’s metabolism. To curb this, indulge in weight training exercises (at least 3 times a week) as they speed up the metabolism. Do not cheat when it comes to exercising. Exercise daily for a minimum of 45 mins. You could opt of jogging, cardio, etc. Totally depends on what you enjoy but ensure that weight training forms a part of your regime.

3) Sleep and Relationship strategies
It’s very common to feel sluggish and sleepy during the day. Try and take a power nap (30-45 mins) in the afternoon. Now you’d be wondering that why I’m talking about relationship strategies. Reason: Hypothyroidism leads to stress and depression. But since I’m no relationship guru, all I have to say is that it’s very important to learn to say “no”. This and ensure that you have someone to talk about your innermost feelings.

It’s never too late to start.

Over-nourished me! Bleh!

Over-nourished me! 



Your usual before and after picture.

R.I.P. Hypothyroidism.

R.I.P. Hypothyroidism.

In this blog, I haven’t discussed the functioning of thyroid. In case if you want to learn about it or if you have any other queries, you can post in the comments section. I’ll be more than happy to help.


4 thoughts on “Curb the Curse

  1. Hi Deepika, that was a good read 🙂 Including more proteins, cutting down caffeine, exercising is the key, you are totally right 🙂 I have been doing some research on hypothyroidism for sometime, thanks to my husband who pointed me to your post 🙂 I have a question and a doubt,. Question: is it possible to stop medicines like thyronorm completely and keep a normal TSH level everyday, by changing food habits and exercising (will be great to get rid of that medicine which I am taking since almost a decade.) My doubt: I have heard that milk products and food with gluten etc suppresses thyroid, I have read it several times, so I had started avoiding any milk products. What is your take on that? You can also read it here:


    • Hi Dhanya,
      Thank you for the kind words!
      I was on medicines for more than a year but I changed my food habits and exercised regularly. Haven’t had a single tab of thyronorm since then. You are right, dairy products trigger thyroid and so do soy products. However, you can avoid soy products because their main ingredient- Protein can be derived from other foods as well but don’t stop the consumption of dairy products completely. You can try milk, curd, buttermilk, etc. to understand what works for you.


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