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The Truth About Detox Drinks

<H1> <B> The Truth About Detox Drinks </B> </H1>

Do you really need detox drinks? Do they work? Are they worth your money? The truth is that our bodies do get a lot of toxins- from food, surroundings and from the products we use. And we feel that drinking detox juices will help us magically get rid of all this and once we are done with the ‘detox diet’, we’ll transform into a better and healthier person. Wow!
What we don’t realize here is that we’re undermining the super-natural detox system that we already own- the liver and the kidneys. They have been detoxing your body left, right and centre. That’s their purpose. They are fulfilling it.

Jeera water (L), Lemon & cucumber water (R)


Now, do we really need ‘detox drinks’?

Truth be told, we’ve been having them for ages. We’ve just labeled them as detox drinks. Which is okay too but living on these for days and skipping meals is not. They are there to complement your diet and lifestyle, not to replace it.

  • Lemon water- For that extra dose of Vitamin C
  • Mint water- Mint lends its cooling and refreshing properties to water.
  • Jeera water for days when you feel that your digestion is messed or your haemoglobin has gone down.

Now, having a glass of lemon water with some mint and sugar is great but then filling bottles with this and drinking it all day long- OTT!



So, the best detox diet is the one that involves CLEAN EATING:

  • Controlled intake of packaged, processed, fried and high sugar foods
  • Increased intake of fruits and vegetables to your diet

Eat clean and let your liver and kidneys do what they’re supposed to do.


Jeera water and lemon water

Today’s learning- detox drinks are great- but just for emptying your wallets! Next time you buy that expensive bottle of ‘detox juice’, say that you are having it because you like the taste or probably because it makes you feel fancier.


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(Please note that if you have any health problems with your liver or kidneys, medicines and in some cases, detox drinks are given to support the functioning of these organs. Please contact your doctor.)

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The Truth About Detox Drinks

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