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5 ways to eat your water

5 ways to eat your water

The peak of summer is at hand and everyone’s busy looking for ways to beat the heat, with most things except the list of top hydrating foods sorted.

Sunscreen: Check
Scarf: Check
Leave in conditioner: Check
Face wipes: Check
Sunglasses: Check
Deodorant: Check
Water bottle: Check

And congratulations, you are… not ready to face the summers!

Here’s why:

Are you trying to beat the heat by drinking high energy drinks (read: gulping sugar) and relying on those ice creams and candies to keep you cool? If yes, then you need to reconsider your decision.

There’s a reason why you get top hydrating foods like watermelons, muskmelons, mangoes, etc. in summer.

No you don’t eat them occasionally as desserts.
No you don’t even ditch mangoes because some aunty told you that pimples ho jaenge.
No you don’t eat 2 pieces of cucumber at lunch and think aj ka salad hogya!

These fruits are amongst the top hydrating foods and not only quench your thirst, but also loaded with nutrients. The fact that they have high water content, they also keep you feeling full for longer.

They save yourself from consuming those extra calories.

  1. Watermelon

With 92% water content, this fruit has to be your best friend, for life.

Deepika Khosla Stay Hydrated
  1. Cucumber

High in fiber and 96% water content, yes you heard that right! NINGHTY SIX PERCENT WATER!

Deepika Khosla how to make salad
  1. Mangoes

The very word makes your mouth water. Oh well, do I need to say more? 86% water (Just for your curiosity)

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My heart!
  1. Oranges

This high water food not only keeps you full but also has a high level of Vitamin C!

Deepika Khosla High Vitamin C foods
  1. Carrots

What’s up, doc? (Just for your information- 87% water)

Honeydew melon(92%), Strawberries (92%), Celery (96%), Zucchini (95%) , Lettuce (96%) are some other foods that have high water content.

So this summer… don’t forget to eat your water!

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