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Recipe: Wrapped Up Leftovers

<H1><B>Recipe: Wrapped Up Leftovers</H1></B>

This is the second post of #BreakfastUnder20Series- And it’s all about leftovers.

I have a thing for leftovers. They’ve always saved me and my stomach from reaching out for unhealthy food. There are so many ways to use them but for now, let’s use leftovers for breakfast. You can literally roll up any dry sabji into a chapati and make a quick and healthy breakfast. This is no rocket science and needs no recipe. All you need to do is put together a few things and roll!


The key to having leftovers for breakfast is to ensure that the meal has a healthy mix of micros and macros. Let’s look at how we do that.

Here’s what you need and why these ingredients make perfect sense:
1. Chapati– I generally make an extra chapati at night and use it for the wrap the next morning. You can also make a besan chilla or use a tortilla wrap.
2. Leftover sabji
3. Paneer/Cheese or any other protein of your choice.
4. Seeds – I’ve used sesame seeds here, you can add any seeds of your choice
5. Raw veggies– I like to add some extra seasonal veggies to the roll- they add the much-needed crunch and freshness to the wrap and give it a great nutritional boost.

Now here’s how to ensure that the leftovers for breakfast are mixed with the right ingredients to make a wholesome meal.
Carbohydrates– Chapati- 1 chapati has roughly 40grams carbs and 3.5grams protein.
Protein-Cheese/Paneer- For cheese, the protein content varies from brand to brand- 1 slice of amul cheese has roughly 4grams of protein, however 1 cheese cube has 5 grams protein. Your options are endless!
Fats– Seeds
Micronutrients– Raw seasonal super-colorful veggies
And the leftovers? The calories that come from the leftovers completely depend on what you are using- For eg. If you use panner bhurji, you can absolutely skip cheese/paneer and add some fresh veggies instead.


Here’s how I make it:
1. Put cheese slices, throw in some spinach and beetroot (both seasonal) and then the leftovers- I’ve simply used some mashed & cooked potatoes, on the chapati. (I keep mine a little uncooked because I am going to heat it again in the morning).
2. Sprinkle the seeds on top of it.
3. You can additionally squeeze some sauces. I am personally a fan of chili sauces and here I’ve used some Siracha sauce, along with some green chutney.


Simple, isn’t it? Just ensure that you have a healthy mix of everything.

Though freshly cooked meals are the best, it is absolutely okay to use leftovers especially when they are saving you from starting your day on an empty stomach. It is always a good idea to have leftovers in the fridge so that you can easily put things together and prepare your breakfast or a quick snack.

Leftovers for president!

Don’t skip breakfast, skip fat!

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