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3 Rite Ways to Lose Weight

3 Rite Ways to Lose Weight

Small frequent meals- They keep you energetic and your metabolism humming! If you’ve been following Butterandbutts, I am sure you know how I’ve always focused on the importance of eating something every few hours. The idea is to feed your stomach a little, give it time to digest and then feed some more, instead of overloading it with food and forcing it to work hard. And its hard work surely pays off- Look at those love handles! However, having small frequent meals doesn’t mean that you eat whatever you can get your hands on. The idea is to keep yourself well stocked so that you can eat healthy whenever, wherever you want!

Protein Bars review India
Munching on healthy food at work

Though the number of healthy things that you can keep handy is endless, one of my favorite, that I can never get enough of is- Protein Bars. Reason- High on protein & low on sugars. {And what does more protein mean? More fat burn (of course with the right amount of crabs). } Imagine munching on a protein bar made using herbs, coated with chocolate? Exciting, isn’t it?!

Best tasting protein bars
Munching on healthy food before a 3 hour long meeting

I recently got my hands on the new range of high protein chocolate bars launched by Rite Bite- Eazy Slim, Eazy Calm and Eazy Immune. Here’s something for those planning to burn some fat while working their asses off in front of their laptops.

  1. Eazy Slim- Weight management bar with
  • Guggul- if you ask your grandma, she’ll tell you how it has been used for thousands of years for weight management,
  • Green tea & Yerba Mate- Rich in antioxidants & support body composition management
  • Garcinia Cambogia- Supports fat metabolism
  1. Eazy Calm- Stress Management Bar with
  • Ashwagandha- A herb that supports balance of body and mind
  • Passion Flower- combats stress and gives a sense of relaxation
  • Tulsi- One of the best stress relievers

Both these have 14g of protein. Wohooo! And 8g of fiber, ensuring a healthy poop! Not a chocolate lover? There’s something for you as well.

High protein chocolate
  1. Eazy Immune- Immunity Improvement Bar with
  • Tulsi- Antimicrobial properties (And of course the above mentioned properties too
  • Lemon Balm- A powerful antioxidant which has antimicrobial properties as well
  • Amla- One of the best sources of naturally occurring Vitamin C

This tastes of lemon and mint, and has 12 g of protein and 8 g of fiber. Low immunity? Close your eyes and put your bet on this. Apart from the protein and fiber content, and the chocolate, what I like about these bars is that they are pretty wholesome in terms of the ingredients and will keep your full for good 2-3 hours, (depending upon how your metabolic system works) I am definitely adding these tasty protein bars to my list of mid meal munchies.

You can buy these protein bars online on Healthkart, Indianpasand and Vitaminberry. Or just head to Nature’s Basket, Foodhall, Hypercity or Haiko and stock! Have questions about these bars? Feel free to post in the comments section below or drop a mail to or just drop some love here- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Love, Deepika (This post is sponsored by Naturell Rite Bite Bars)

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