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Nutrishakes by Oriflame

Nutrishakes by Oriflame

The best weight loss formula is to have small healthy meals every two hours and one of our favourite beauty and wellness brands- Oriflame knows it too well!

Oriflame Product Review by Deepika Khosla
Oriflame Strawberry Nutrishake

The Swedish company has launched their range of nutrition shakes- Nutrishakes in India. Made using natural ingredients, Nutrishakes are a gluten free, high protein snack, with a low glycemic index. Made using natural ingredients, they provide optimum nutrition and help satisfy hunger and cravings. A balanced diet indeed. Since I was given an opportunity to pick my favourite flavours, I chose strawberry, and mango- banana.

Deepika Khosla for Oriflame
Oriflame Mango Banana NutriShake

Talking about the benefits of the Oriflame Nutrition shake-

  • Gluten free and have 3 protein sources
  • High fibre
  • Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids
  • Made using natural ingredients & hence provide good nutrition
  • Help in losing weight without affecting health
  • Help in weight management
  • A good mid- meal to incorporate in your diet plan
  • Keep your energy levels high
  • Taste good!


Want to know more about Oriflame’s wellness range? You can check out their catalogue online.

Shakes for weight loss
Oriflame Nutrishakes

Note: These shakes are not meal replacement shakes. Nothing and absolutely nothing can replace your dal, chawal, vegetables and chapatti. Having said that, feel free to drink the Nutrishakes in between your meals.

Also, if you’ve been following Butter and Butts you’d know how Deepika loves to explore mid meal options and with the Nutrition Shakes, Oriflame has certainly put a cherry on the cake.



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