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Natural Summer Coolants

<H1> <B> Natural Summer Coolants </B> </H1>

Season induced headaches, heat cramps, heat exhaustion- what summers do to us! I love summers minus all this of course. In summers, most people lose the appetite to eat hot food or sometimes food in general, have difficulty digesting food and in most cases, the cause of all this is increase body heat. It goes way beyond the normal requirement- leading to heartburn, acidity, acne, etc. and you gotta reduce it to get things back on track, naturally of course! The best way to reduce the body heat is to incorporate some natural coolants in your diet and let your body cool down naturally.

Natural Summer Coolant

Below are two natural coolants that can be easily incorporated into your diet:

  1. Sabja/Basil Seeds
Basil Seeds in Lemon water

Sabja seeds, also known as basil/tulsi seeds are a natural coolant. They help you

  1. Naturally, lower the body heat
  2. Regulate smooth bowel moment and relieve bloating
  3. Improve your skin and nails, thanks to the great nutrient profile

The benefits of these seeds are infinite and these have been used for ages over faloodas, roohafzas, etc.

I generally sprinkle some on Nimbu Pani or Khus Sherbet and let them sit for a while and swell. You can also try this crazy delicious Sabja Seeds Flaooda recipe 

  1. Sattu
Sattu- Natural Summer Coolant

Sattu is basically the powdered form of roasted Bengal gram.

  1. It has an instant cooling effect on your body
  2. High protein content (Almost 20% by weight)
  3. Low in sodium (no bloating!)

I absolutely love how versatile it is- you can mix it with wheat flour and make chapatis, add it to lemon water, sherbets, roll it into ladoos, your options are infinite.

For me, the easiest way to get Sattu into my body is by throwing in 2 tbsps of sattu, 1 tbsp sugar, a pinch of salt, a few mint leaves, in a glass and adding cold water to it.

Below are some more tips to keep your body cool this summer:

  1. Reduce the consumption of spicy foods (I personally suck at this, I LOVE LOVE LOVE spicy foods)
  2. Add hydrating foods to your diet
  3. Massage your body with herbal oils to improve circulation.
  4. Incorporate more curd in your diet.
  5. Have coconut water and bel sherbet (Wild apple) on a regular basis.

Please note: Sabja/tulsi seeds are often confused with chia seeds, courtesy their looks and the ability to swell in water. However, they taste very different and have different health benefits.

Naturally cooling foods for summers


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Natural Summer Coolants

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