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Last week I went to a friend’s place for lunch. Just after lunch, we were all sitting on the terrace chit-chatting when one of my friends mentioned a song that he recently recorded. We immediately decided to get the dock system and listen to it. BUT everyone, no kidding, everyone refused to get up to get the speakers. I asked them WHY and the answer was- ‘Jyada kha lia yaar, ab nai utha jaraha’.

In our day to day lives, watching TV, reading a book, continuously talking while eating are some of the reasons that lead to overeating.


The best way to prevent overeating is to eat in peace. You absorb things best when you give them your complete attention- be it work, relationships, anything for that matter. Similarly, food deserves your complete attention. When you sit in peace and eat, relishing every bite, you realize your threshold and stop before crossing the laxman rekha.


Rujuta Diwekar puts it correctly: “A calm state of mind actually helps us to absorb all nutrients from the food we eat. Boring? Ok how’s this: a calm state of mind actually prevents conversion of food to fat. When your state of mind is calm and composed, you secrete the right amount of digestive juices.”

What is that one thing that people do when they want to concentrate on work, studies, etc.? They listen to MUSIC. And that’s my strategy. TV: off, Phone: Silent mode. I just put on some music and eat.

MusicandFood_deepikaOutfit details: Top: GLU (clothing inspired by the love for music and fashion), Jeans: Levis, Shoes: DULLA Shoes

Also, do you know that eating the right amount of food can help you to shrink your stomach size? NO KIDDING. However, I will discuss this in the future posts. Let me close this one by telling you the consequences of overeating. You wake up feeling tired, bloated, dull and irritable. That and YOU GAIN FAT.

Time for some music?



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