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Superfood: Gulkand

Superfood: Gulkand

Do you often eat like it’s your last meal on earth, only to suffer from acidity and bloating!

Do you end up dealing with hangovers often?

Do you suffer from acne due to hormonal imbalances and summer heat?

Do you also think that ice creams will keep you cool this summer?

Gulkand to beat Bloating by Deepika Khosla

A spoonful of Gulkand/Gulqand is all you need. The cooling properties will help you beat the heat and will keep the stomach problems at bay.

How to beat the heat by Deepika Khosla

Also, Gulkand has antioxidants which delay wrinkles and signs of aging!

As I always say- Eat what your grandma gave you!

For those who don’t know what Gulkand is- It is a sweet preservative of rose petals and is prepared by mixing rose petals and jaggery.

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