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Health Benefits of Pickles

Health Benefits of Pickles

Remember that ceramic containers filled with soon-to-be-devoured pickles, covered with cloth, loaded with oil and salt and kept in a particular corner of the kitchen that gets just the right amount of sunlight? Sorry if the oil and salt turned you off!

Also, sincere apologies from Butter and Butts on your grandmother’s behalf, for not labeling the ceramic container as “The Best Fat Burner”.

Fermented Foods Pickles

Fermented Foods for digestion

Yes! Pickles accelerate the fat burning process and help you lose weight.

Oh and that’s not it. Pickles are loaded with lactobacilli bacteria. It displaces bad bacteria in your gut and thereby eases bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation and other digestive issues.

Fermented Foods Pickle
Veggies in Jamun (Java Plum) Vinegar

Pickles loaded with good bacteria, high on fiber; aid the digestion of grains and vegetables. Hello happy intestines!

So the solution to all the stress that you’ve been taking and the issues you’ve been facing while sitting on the shit pot every day is the stuff inside this ceramic container.

Health benefits of Fermented Foods
1. Naturally fermented using salt, oil, cumin seeds and haldi
2. Naturally fermented using Vinegar

Following are the benefits of Pickles/Probiotics:

  1. Nourish the gut lining with healthy bacteria
  2. Revs up your metabolism
  3. Make you leave the loo with a happy face. Thanks to the digestive enzymes.
  4. Make your immune system stronger
  5. High on vitamins, especially Vitamin B and K2
  6. Promote mineral absorption, including iron
  7. Generate anti-carcinogens

Fermented Foods improve digestion

Eat what your grandma gave you!

Though my mom prepares pickles for me, mostly, here one of my favourite recipes from a favourite blogger:

Here’s what you should know about fermentation: Fermentation, also known as lacto-fermentation is a natural process by which the starches and sugars in fruits & vegetables are chemically broken down by naturally occurring bacteria and converted into lactic acid. Lactic acid is also a natural preservative. These chemical changes produce super foods have remarkable health benefits.

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