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Handpicked by Select CityWalk

Handpicked by Select CityWalk

Keep your friends close and your farmers closer.

Fresh farm grown vegetables
Fresh Vegetables!

I’m sure you know that by the time food reaches us, it loses most of its nutrients. Oh and the chemicals it is loaded with. Whatever happened to you are what you eat.

Gone are the days when people used to own farms, and grow fruits and vegetables. They were surely aware of what they were putting in their bodies but now we are more interested in learning about the latest “healthy foods” in the market, forgetting our roots.

Healthy Eating

Recently, one of the biggest and my favourite malls in Delhi- SELECT CITYWALK started an Organic market- Handpicked by Select CityWalk. This place always amazes with the new trends it keeps coming up with.


Handpicked by Select CityWalk has been described as Delhi’s one stop shop to premium, anti-oxidant rich, organic products.

Stalls laden with colourful vegetables and fruits; beautifully bottled jams, pickles and spreads decorate the market. For me finding dark chocolate almond butter has always been a task, but now I know where to go next time. And hey! How about some organic apricot jam and some antioxidant-enriched garlic pickle? Welcome to Handpicked by Select CityWalk.

I know a lot of people who have strictly been following the concept of juice cleanses. If you are one of them, looking for options, handpicked is the place. The latest addition to the cold pressed juice market is Antidote. Though not a fan of juices in general, the range of juices at Antidote amazed me.


Further, what caught my eye was Fit For LIFE’s probiotic kefir range and AllNut’s artisan almond mylks’. I cannot take a lot of dairy products but since I am a vegetarian, I need to keep my protein in check and hence the cheese and panner, and the love for the above mentioned brands.


Handpicked by Select CityWalk is surely a great Sunday retreat where you can great locally grown fresh food and cultivate a healthier way of life. And rest assured, you’ll walk away will a lot to plan 6 meals a day (Yeah! That’s how I like it), at least for a week.

Handpicked is on at Select CITYWALK every Sunday from 11 am on wards.

Now you know how to start your Sundays! J






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