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Losing weight with ghee

<H1><B> Losing weight with ghee </H1></B>

Ghee has always been looked at as a major culprit of weight gain and that’s because ghee is a ‘fat’. Let me make you a little more uncomfortable- it is a ‘saturated’ fat!!! Oh god, saturated fats are so bad. They are fattening. They are not good for the heart. They are so bad. But then you also take the privilege of reaching out for that pack of biscuits and cookies (LOADED WITH SATURATED FAT) whenever you are hungry.


Ghee and Paneer

Now here’s how ghee helps you trim the waist and more :

– Ghee, unlike most oils, has a very high smoke point (255 degrees C)- In layman’s terms, it means that ghee retains its nutritional value even when heated to very high temperatures. Most oils when heated to this temperature simply oxidize. So what does this mean? That it’s okay to sautee vegetables, etc. in oil because this doesn’t require much heating and oil won’t reach a temperature where it is forced to oxidize. But when you are cooking vegetables, making dal, etc. it makes more sense to use ghee because hey the oil will oxidize. But that’s not it. There’s more.
– It helps mobilize fat that’s stuck in your body- YES IT HELPS MOBILIZE FAT and this makes ghee perfect for weight loss. It has a short chain structure where the atoms are linked with saturated bonds. This unique structure helps it to easily mobilize fat deposits from your love handles and everywhere else. It is lipolytic in nature, i.e. it helps break down fatty deposits from the body.
– Coming to cholesterol- Do you know that ‘cholesterol’ isn’t a health problem? In fact, it is necessary for your body to perform its vital functions. Now high cholesterol is, of course, a problem and Ghee helps regulate that. 1.5 months, 1 tsp ghee at every meal (with a few misses here and there of course) and my dad has been off his cholesterol meds. This topic is for another time, but all this is backed by science.

Apart from this, ghee is also
– Loaded with Fat Soluble Vitamins – A, D, E, K.
– Paleo friendly.
– A great anti-inflammatory food.

Now how do you incorporate it into your diet?
1. Cook in it
2. Add it to rice
3. Put it on your chapatis.
4. Caramelize onions in ghee and use them as a topping
5. Use it for tadka in dals, etc.

Now, what is the daily requirement, you ask? 3-5tbsp!! Even if you start with 1tbsp per meal, it’s more than enough.

For those of you who dislike the smell of ghee (I absolutely did, when I was a kid)- Add it in small quantities and cook in it rather than adding it as a topping. Also, there are a few herbs and spices that help mask the smell of ghee.

Now head to the kitchen and get ’em abs!

In case if you have queries, you can post them in the comments section.


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