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Food Review: Cafe Why Not

Food Review: Cafe Why Not

How often do you find places that have an in-house bakery with a variety of healthy breads? That and pizzas with healthy crusts?

Café Why Not?
Address: Café Why Not? Shop 285-286, South Campus, Satyaniketan, New Delhi
Phone no. 01149054040, 9811447335
Twitter: @cafewhynotindia
Instagram: CafeWhyNotIndia

When I got an invitation to visit Café Why Not, I with my creative man went to see the place on one fine Saturday evening. We received a warm welcome with a blueberry drink.

Deepika Khosla Cafe Why Not
Welcome drink!

I then flicked the pages of the menu and saw the variety of healthy meals they have to offer. Since Delhi’s weather was playing all romantic, announcing the onset of monsoons, I couldn’t help but ask for a cup of coffee.

Deepika Khosla Healthy Food Review
Coffee, typewriter and polka dots, vintage much?

Healthy Food Review Deepika Khosla

After this I spent some time talking to the chef and understanding all the healthy things that Café Why Not has to offer. He told me about the variety of healthy in-house baked breads and how the pizza crust is made using wheat flour.

Healthy Food Delhi

On chef’s recommendation, we ordered Our Classic Burger with multigrain bread and Corn and Cheese burger with brioche. We were shocked to look at the portion size and surely repented our decision of ordering 2 burgers when we could have had one and then ordered more food.

Cooking healthy food
Multigrain burger!

The buns tasted fresh out of the oven and the patty was lusciously juicy. These were served with fresh salad and French fries.

health food tips deepika khosla

We were so full after eating the burgers that we couldn’t order anything more.

After spending some time chatting with the owner who insisted that we try the creamy date shake, we couldn’t help but order it.

Nutrition high protein shake india
Creamy Date Shake

Nutrition Facts: Dates are rich in dietary fibers and contain simple sugars like fructose and dextrose; milk and yogurt give the much needed protein boost to the shake. They together instantly replenish energy and revitalize the body.

cooking healthy food india
Delicious healthy food? WHY NOT?

The brand is also planning to launch a range of gluten free products and sugar free desserts.

Will Butter and butts visit the place again? WHY NOT?

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