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Why you feel bloated after meals

Why you feel bloated after meals

Drink eight 8 glasses of water a day!!!  Ummm… but why?

Everybody’s body is different and hence the requirement is different. There’s no fixed amount that you should drink.

why you feel bloated
Right time to have water

Do you sweat a lot? If yes, up your water intake, NOW!

Do you sit in air-conditioned place throughout the day? You won’t get clear thirst signals, but open that bottle of water, NOW!

The amount of water that your body requires depends on a lot of things- do you spend a lot of time in the sun? Do you feel dizzy during or after exercising? Do you suffer from frequent headaches? This and the weather- The body obviously needs much more water in summers than in winters.

And what happens when you don’t drink enough water? Your kidneys and heart misbehave! But then it’s obviously your fault.

People frequently ask me- ‘What is the right time to have water?’

There is no right time to have water. Have it whenever you feel thirsty. Keep sipping on it throughout the day.

why you feel bloated
Right time to have water

Having said that, you should always have water as soon as you wake up. Why? While sleeping, the body loses a lot of water and your need to make up for that. Drink as much as you want. It’s okay if your room mate drinks 5 glasses in the morning and you feel hydrated after having one. Remember- everyone’s body is different.

Drinking water at the right time
Drink water when you wake up

During the day?

Have as much as you want.

What you need to keep a check on is your water intake during meals. It is perfectly okay to have water before a meal but during and after a meal? Drink! Drink if you are thirsty but don’t gulp, take small sips. Also, note that drinking water immediately after a meal leads to bloating.

Not sure if you are consuming enough water? Look at the colour of your urine. It tells a lot about your body and water intake:

  • Transparent: Cut back! You are drinking too much water
  • Pale Straw Colour: Normal and well hydrated.
  • Transparent Yellow: Normal.
  • Dark Yellow: Normal. But you need to increase your water intake!
  • Amber or Honey: DRINK WATER NOW!

If the colour is darker than this or you see foam or fizz- see a doctor.

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