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<h1><strong>Summer Smoothie Bowl</strong></h1>

Summer Smoothie Bowl

I love having oats for breakfast, in different forms but Overnight Oatmeal Mugs have always been my favorite. And now I have another favorite-  Smoothie bowls!  For the love of everything seasonal and local, I created this Summer smoothie bowl. The goodness of mangoes provides […]

<H1> Recipe: Bread Poha </H1>

Recipe: Bread Poha

Presenting the third post under breakfast under 20 series- Bread Poha! You can check out the previous recipes from the breakfast under 20 series here.     For me, Bread Poha has always been a lunch box recipe because this is something my mom used […]

<H1><B>Recipe: Wrapped Up Leftovers</H1></B>

Recipe: Wrapped Up Leftovers

This is the second post of #BreakfastUnder20Series- And it’s all about leftovers. I have a thing for leftovers. They’ve always saved me and my stomach from reaching out for unhealthy food. There are so many ways to use them but for now, let’s use leftovers […]

<H1> <B>Recipe: Overnight Oatmeal Mugs</H1></B>

Recipe: Overnight Oatmeal Mugs

The way you break your fast can totally make or break your day.  While most crib about not having enough time in the morning (I sail on the same boat, well, on most days), I decided to come up with a series of ‘Breakfast under […]

<H1><B>Recipe: Beetroot Hummus</H1></B>

Recipe: Beetroot Hummus

Who doesn’t love hummus? The texture and the richness of flavours. Oh and the versatility- which actually got me to add beetroots and create beetroot hummus. Last weekend, while it was pouring I decided to sit at home (read: trying to live the slow life) […]

Recipe: Semolina Open Sandwich

Recipe: Semolina Open Sandwich

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that’s the meal we are most likely to skip. Cute! ‘I can’t wake up early’ has to be one of the most common excuses! Again, whose idea was it to create a snooze button???? Considering […]

<H1><B>High Protein Smoothie</H1></B>

High Protein Smoothie

Do you know what skipping breakfast does to your body? It makes you hangry! Hell yeah! Hangry is hungry + angry. 🙂 Also, skipping breakfast makes you gain weight! THAT’S TRUE. People who skip breakfast consume more calories than anyone else. And since they consume […]

Summer Delight: Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Summer Delight: Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

I have lost count of the number of people who have milk, tea or coffee in the morning and call it breakfast! And why? Because they don’t get time to make and eat breakfast. How about switching off you phone for 10 mins.? Or waking […]

Quick Breakfast: Hung Curd Sandwiches

Quick Breakfast: Hung Curd Sandwiches

If you are someone who skips breakfast or has ran out of healthy breakfast ideas, this one is for you! I have so many people around me who keep complaining about not having breakfast because they don’t have time. So, I decided to come up […]

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