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Butterandbutts is a blog by Deepika Khosla. She shares vegetarian recipes, health tips and yoga asanas to help you keep the waist size in check.
Deepika Khosla is a marketing professional by the day; health and fitness blogger by the night.  She believes that life is too short to find amazing clothes for XL size. And to starve.

Born and brought up in a Punjabi household, she has always loved her Indian meals with a side of malai, ghee, pickles, etc. All this along with some form of physical activity. It was only after she moved to Delhi to do her graduation that she gained some 15kgs in 3 months, due to sudden unhealthy eating habits which then led to thyroid. She was adamant on getting her thyroid in control and that’s when she decided to go back to her roots. She documents fitness tips, easy recipes and everything that helped her shed those extra kilos and get rid of thyroid without starving.

All this needs some preparation though!

So are you ready?

To begin with, You can find healthy recipes, under 20 mins breakfast ideas, high protein meal options on the blog.

DIY Protein Powder

Overnight Oatmeal Mugs Deepika Khosla



Chocolate _Bars_Deepika_Khosla_Blogger
Chocolate Bars



Deepika also loves Yoga and shares a lot of tips, how-tos, and benefits. She practices the Shivananda style of Yoga. 

Yoga Balancing Asana
Balancing Asana


Crow Pose

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