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<H1> <B> The tech that takes off the pressure </B> </H1>

The tech that takes off the pressure

“I couldn’t sleep well last night and now, I have this headache which is making me feel tired” my dad complained. Problems like this are generally overlooked because one can simply put this down to feeling a little under the weather, isn’t it? I dragged […]

<H1><B>No-Bake Protein Balls</H1></B>

No-Bake Protein Balls

For days when I want to have a fancy high protein bar but don’t want to pay for it, I resort to these nutritious and delicious No-Bake Protein Balls.   They also make a great snack for all those times when you want to reach […]

<H1> <B> The Truth About Detox Drinks </B> </H1>

The Truth About Detox Drinks

Do you really need detox drinks? Do they work? Are they worth your money? The truth is that our bodies do get a lot of toxins- from food, surroundings and from the products we use. And we feel that drinking detox juices will help us […]

<H1> <B> Natural Summer Coolants </B> </H1>

Natural Summer Coolants

Season induced headaches, heat cramps, heat exhaustion- what summers do to us! I love summers minus all this of course. In summers, most people lose the appetite to eat hot food or sometimes food in general, have difficulty digesting food and in most cases, the cause […]

<H1> Recipe: Bread Poha </H1>

Recipe: Bread Poha

Presenting the third post under breakfast under 20 series- Bread Poha! You can check out the previous recipes from the breakfast under 20 series here.     For me, Bread Poha has always been a lunch box recipe because this is something my mom used […]

<H1><B> Recipe: DIY Protein Powder</H1></B>

Recipe: DIY Protein Powder

The most common question that bothers everybody- how do you meet my daily protein requirement? The simple answer to this is- PLAN your meals! Need something simpler? Try this DIY protein powder. This DIY protein powder would make the perfect protein-me-up sprinkle for most things […]

<H1><B>Recipe: Wrapped Up Leftovers</H1></B>

Recipe: Wrapped Up Leftovers

This is the second post of #BreakfastUnder20Series- And it’s all about leftovers. I have a thing for leftovers. They’ve always saved me and my stomach from reaching out for unhealthy food. There are so many ways to use them but for now, let’s use leftovers […]

<H1><B> Losing weight with ghee </H1></B>

Losing weight with ghee

Ghee has always been looked at as a major culprit of weight gain and that’s because ghee is a ‘fat’. Let me make you a little more uncomfortable- it is a ‘saturated’ fat!!! Oh god, saturated fats are so bad. They are fattening. They are […]

<H1> <B>Recipe: Overnight Oatmeal Mugs</H1></B>

Recipe: Overnight Oatmeal Mugs

The way you break your fast can totally make or break your day.  While most crib about not having enough time in the morning (I sail on the same boat, well, on most days), I decided to come up with a series of ‘Breakfast under […]

<H1><B>How to Ace Your Protein Intake</H1></B>

How to Ace Your Protein Intake

Protein is one of the macros (and probably the only one) that has always enjoyed the limelight, everyone’s talking about it and trying to have the right amount of it. It’s always been kind of a big deal, especially vegetarian protein. But is it really […]

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