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Ways to lose weight in 7 days

Ways to lose weight in 7 days

Some event coming up? Lose weight so that you don’t waste time un-tagging yourself from Facebook pics later.

Here are some quick ways to lose weight in just 7 days:

  1. Skip meals.
  2. Forget dinners! You gotta survive on salads and soups.
  3. Juices are your best friends. Don’t have fruits, they are high in sugars.
  4. Try a GM diet plan
  5. Say goodbye to carbs. No more rice!
  6. Drink some 10 glasses of green tea throughout the day
  7. Drink lemon water first thing in the morning. Who cares about bone strength anyway?!

April Fool's Day


Post this, go stand in front of the mirror and slap yourself for successfully fooling yourself. I don’t know about weight loss, but you’ve surely lost your mind!

This April Fool’s Day, the joke is on all those who starve themselves to sickness. Staving is never the solution to weight loss. Losing weight the healthy way will give you lifelong benefits like increased energy levels, gorgeous locks and beautiful skin. Not eating will drop your energy levels, and welcome a lot of health problems.

Don’t be a fool.

Eat right. Eat all you want. (P.S. You can absolutely say Hi to those pretty cupcakes. Occasionally!)

Mindful eating is the best way to bid goodbye to those love handles!

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