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7 Ways to Look Great in Designer Fitness Clothes

7 Ways to Look Great in Designer Fitness Clothes

“Fitness and fashion do not go hand in hand” says only an ignorant. If you thought fitness fashion is an alien concept, you probably are living in an alien world right now. For the realm of fitness has become fashionable over the years and how! Gone are the days of ill-fitted, dull, plain-Jane, no-nonsense track pants and t-shirts. Fitness clothing is just as expressive and idea-elucidating as party-wear clothes probably. And, with the whole concept of working out becoming more holistic, great emphasis is being laid to not only what you do, but also what you eat, what kind of lifestyle you lead, and what you wear while you are on the job. For good-looking clothes not only serve as extra motivation to sweat it out like you mean it, but they also make the whole experience more fun.

And with all the myriad options we have right now to be fit and kicking, there should be no dull moment in your fit life.

Have a look at what I pick for you to be fit and fittingly awesome, when you are out there!

Quirky, retro printed tights for Zumba

With the ‘60s retro romance making a comeback in the mainstream fashion this season, gym wear and sports clothing are also bitten by the retro bug. Think illusion prints, psychedelic prints, and kaleidoscopic prints exhibited in an interesting confluence of pastels and pop hues.

Make sure your tights fit well, for the sake of fashion and performance both. Also, you have the liberty to wear these tights full length, or as three-fourths. Check out Nike compression tights to find your right tight soul-mate

These are best teamed with coordinated sports bras, or bralettes. If that is too bold a style for you, you can either wear a deep-cut racer back on top, or ditch this for the more conservative and ever-safe single basic color sports tee.


Track suits in interesting hues for gym or morning jogs

Come what may, a tracksuit will always remain an essential. But, why keep things dull when you can embrace a nice hue? You could also wear your track jacket and track pant with separates for rolling in some variety in your track-style.


Preppy sports skirts for tennis or aerobics

Infuse some playfulness in your routine by ditching pants and tights for skirts. Wear them with coordinated sports bras or regular polo or sports t-shirts. With “mud” being one of the hottest trends for the season, go for earthy hues and feel like a Parisian fitness freak.


Nice Pair of shoes for any fitness activity

Got a boring gym or aerobics outfit? Fret not, brighten it up with a voguish pair of shoes. Choose dedicated shoes for the activity you are aiming to conquer. For all the miscellaneous activities like dance, bokwa, or fitness video games, training shoes or cross-training shoes are your go-to-footwear.


Stellar sports bras for Yoga, kickboxing, Belly-dancing and almost everything under the sun!

Yes, you read that right. Sports bras are stylish, comfortable, and a good way to keep you on your toes. A sigh for relief for those who sweat crazy, sports bras are available in enchanting designs today. You could also wear them with coordinated tights.

If you are too conservative to try the sports bra fashion, layer it up with a deep-cut, deep arm-hole racer back maybe.



Sassy swimsuits for aqua zumba, aqua aerobics and all regimes involving Vitamin Water

And these water activities are probably the most fun, most glamorous, and the most effective. Did you know that you have less chances of having muscle cramps in aqua zumba and aerobics and you end up burning more fat than tertiary activities? In the mood for some water fun, eh?


Wearable technology for everything

The newest newbie in fitness- territory, wearable technology will be a statement every fitness freak would want to flaunt in 2016. Not only are they stylish, they also aid in enhance performance. Fitness trainers are all up for the onset of the wearable technology trend too. Because our world is too full of distractions, and these watches and pens can help us remain focused while we commit that one hour to our body. And, we can feel greatly relaxed too if we perform our fitness regime with no distraction around.

Hope this story has you a little more motivated to sweat it out, and to always keep it stylish.


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